Canada: The family that cruises together stays together

The 1948 Cadillac has full air ride suspension so it can be raised and lowered to a dramatic stance.

Trailer queens, garage maidens, seldom or never driven classics, frozen-in-time cars … these are not for the Fedoruk family of Chilliwack. They use their old cars. Really use them.

For Lorne and Janice Fedoruk, getting in their customized 1948 Cadillac sedanette and rolling a couple of thousand kilometres is routine. They average 7,000 kilometres a year in the car they purchased in 2006.

Brother Larry Fedoruk is often alongside in his 1951 Henry J hot rod. “We travel together,” he says. “It keeps us tight.”

Son Mark joins the family tours in his 1937 Ford street rod.

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